I would like to request SEMrush like feature: https://www.semrush.com/analytics/ranks/winnerslosers/
For example I want to study why there is so much drastic increase in organic traffic - top winners - country/location wise and niche wise also (even TLD wise will be USP over SEMrush).
I also want to see rather than daily winners - There should be option for monthly winners, quarterly winners and yearly winners! :)
This feature is the most wanted as this will help us understand how Google's recent algorithm updates helping other sites to rank drastically and we all can learn, study those top winners with using above type filters to better reverse engineer or study.
PFA - Please check one of the winner site with monthly millions of organic users increase.
I found one site which winner every month increasing millions of organic traffic and they hidden the all clues to find or locate that site but, if this feature rolled out - I think we all can find such many sites to study well.