I wish there were a custom "Insights" feature that would allow me to do custom queries. This would be like the "Insights" feature on Posthog or the "Explore" feature on GA4.
Right now, it seems like Ahrefs focuses on reports. They're great reports. But a feature like "Explore" would allow me to query whatever I want and make my own reports and visualizations. For example, I periodically export my entire backlink profile and make a graph of count of backlinks by Url Rating. I wish I could do that on Ahrefs. Also, right now, I'm trying to determine the average traffic for all my pages that rank #1 for at least one keyword. I don't see a way to do that.
Anyhow, a more flexible tool would allow users to find the data they want rather than waiting on your team to divine the new report we need.