Seems kinda obvious, but I'd like to see a single page in your help that gives a simple English explanation of each metric followed by examples (that's the important bit) of what each metric means. You could then link to each metric description (which you do sometimes) via the respective tooltips.

It would save users like me hassling your support crew for definitions and save your support crew the tedious task of explaining what a particular metric means over and over again :)

At the moment, if I go to your search page and search for a metric, I get a jumble of results which sometimes shows the metric and sometimes doesn't.

For instance, simple example, say you wanted to know what the "Results" metric meant on the PPC page? There's a tooltip for it, but no "Learn more" link. If I go to your help page and search for "results" or even "results metric" I just get a lot of misses.

That means the page needs to be found outside of your regular help search as that doesn't always work.