Search intent beat everything over long depth content or it be relevant content ;

if intent itself is not met what is the purpose of in-depth article


let's say there is a kw x and when a user enters that kw in google and after seeing result or visiting some result if the user modifies the previous kw

then we can track those kind of kw which user modifies

when user modifies kw ?

when his/her intent are not solved by the results he/she

sees in google

so if ahrefs starts showing that matrix which shows how many times that kw has been modified to get the different result by user

it would be easy to understand that the content which are ranking for that x kw are meeting the overall intent of the search or not

I just felt this could be awesome feature ...

I am new to seo just 6 months old guy in the field

so I may be wrong ;

I am ready to accept if i was wrong


Raju Khadka