When I go through the Site Audit I try to fix items pointed out. It could be a week before there is another scan.
Allow me to mark something as fixed so it leaves the list, or I at least know I already looked at it.
Then next scan you can save on crawl budget by only checking fixed items plus new URL not previously scanned. Not much will change in a week.
If I don't fix items on scans, then I lose in the crawl budget because you don't have to check something that has no action.
Let me select many items on a list, then mark
, to turn Site Audit into a quality assurance tool.
If I'm constantly marketing things fixed, then the next audit will validate those fixes. At this point I can see how responsive is the webmaster.
Internally you can keep track of how many times something breaks, so you're not scanning the same broken links.
I believe this will make users of Ahrefs more responsive to use Site Audit, plus search engines will reward for actual fixing problems.