"Data Collection and Use
You understand and agree that Ahrefs may anonymize and aggregate any data you share with the Service, including data associated with your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, and use it without identifying you for purposes of improving the Service."
It would be great if we could Connect our account to GSC+GA and use this plugin
having to share this data.
I realize the data is needed to do the content audit, but I'm not sure that it means that the data also needs to be "anonymize and aggregate any data you share with the Service".
I'm happy to share my GSC data for the content audit, but I don't want this information available to my competitors (even if it's anonymized).
Self-serving? Yes.
A reality of a competitive landscape? Also yes.
This also applies to verifying a project in Google Search Console, although to a less degree since we can verify it by other means.
But it would be convenient to be able to verify with GSC. Right now I don't because I don't want all that data shared.