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Suggestion: In the Account Settings - 1 "Limit & Usage" That May Be Applied To All Reports!
Today my account shows - Keywords Explorer > Reports Per Week - I have reached my limit of a maximum 175 Keywords... while the other 99% of reports are still unused at 0. Ahrefs this is stupid, yes?! This means one size fits all. No. Different customers need different reports yes?! So the remaining unused report limits go to waste. Do you agree the KISS method is good? Keep It Simple Stupid. Keep it simple... please have 1 total amount of reports that we may use anywhere in Ahrefs. is new to me, so I just learned about these Limits. We want MANY TICKETS to ride ALL THE RIDES, in the SEO Keyword Research Theme Park. Maybe we want to sample all our tickets all across the Theme Park. Or perhaps we just want to use all our tickets just over at the Water Rides area. Or perhaps we use all our tickets on the one ride we love over and over. LOL. --- Also I learned that checking 1 Keyword Report 175 times, is equivalent to checking 175 Reports 1 time... in regards to counting against a members weekly Limit & Usage. That is crummy! It puts a harsh limit on User workflow, yes?! Computer tools are to be there to make User work easier. Computer tools are to flex around the User needs... not the User having to conform around tight rigid computer tools. My mentor taught me that the best interfaces are transparent. The User is able to freely access the tools, and the interface does not impede. Ultimately the User forgets there is an interface there at all.
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