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Add new filter option when viewing broken backlink report, to only show links hosted in specific countries
In "content explorer" currently, when you view the report for broken backlinks, and then click on any of the "referring domains", the referrers could be anywhere in the world. For sites which have a very localised audience, that's not as helpful as it could be as there is a lot of data you have to sift through to find anything of relevance. For example, if we want to find broken backlinks for articles which talk about "how much does it cost to vinyl wrap a car", the report includes various articles with broken links - but each generally includes prices in USD, CAD, or AUD. As a result those sites will have inbound links from other sites where that currency is relevant. However, in our case, our client is in the UK and uses GBP. Therefore, it doesn't make sense for us to reach out to those referring domains from the USA etc. Whilst in this particular instance we can use the "£" itself to help filter irrelevant results, that's not really sorting the core issue (it's simply a work-around which happens to be available to us in this example) Similarly, we can filter by "tld" to just search for ". " (for example)..... however, many UK sites use .com, etc Therefore, it would be good to add a new filter option which allows you to say: "Only show me broken links for articles hosted in the UK" and/or "Only show me referring domains/links, from sites which are hosted in the UK" I believe this post from 2022 may have been requesting this type of functionality but was missing information to clarify:
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