Bring back the ability to order projects on the dashboard arbitrarily
Before 2021-08-07 it was possible to rearrange the dashboard as desired. This feature was requested by multiple people not long ago: https://ahrefs.canny.io/dashboard/p/dashboard-order I was a great feature and a comment in another thread shows that apparently I'm not the only one who was using it: https://ahrefs.canny.io/dashboard/p/sorting-options-for-projects Even though it doesn't work like that anymore the dashboard tutorial still describes the feature like this: https://help.ahrefs.com/en/articles/647189-how-to-sort-the-order-of-websites-in-your-ahrefs-dashboard Unfortunately it was deprecated recently and replaced by the ability to sort by date and alphabetically, as well as a pinning feature. I find it a pity that the ability to rearrange the dashboard is gone and propose that it is re-added along the sorting options (Newest first, etc.) as an additional option. Here are my ideas how the feature could be reintroduced: Because arranging the dashboard is some work, the manual arrangement should be preserved if the user switches to one of the other options temporarily. Pinned projects should be always at the top, no matter what. From my conversation with the (fantastic BTW) ahrefs support I understand that loading time improvements for large dashboards played a role in the change. I think it would be totally OK if - for performance reasons - the ability to arrange manually is disabled for dashboards with a large number of projects. Alternatively the large dashboards would only show the previously arranged projects and a hint that some projects are not shown in this view. These are just my thoughts, looking forward to your all comments!
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