Update AHREFS Index for Disavow for accurate UR Rating
We have over 175k junk links to our website. I have submitted a disavow txt file to Google as of 8-21-2019 (I can submit proof of this through a screenshot or a screen share). Today, I went through and submitted this to AHREFS, since I saw that our UR rating is still very low. I reached out to AHREFS and they informed be that they will not be removing these links from their index, only from reporting? And that this submission will not update our UR. The only way I can get these updated is by having the referring domain remove them. As you can imagine, the odds of this domain removing all of these links are incredibly low. Perhaps this is a reason as to why Google allows you disavow links in the first place. How you can easily address this issue: Have someone who is attempting to disavow backlinks provide digital proof of their submissions to Google. A simple screenshot of the Google Search Console Disavow submissions screen, after submission, would be proof enough. Also have them include the txt file they have submitted for accuracy. You would then go through and update your index. This will remove any spammy agencies who are trying to fudge their numbers to clients and keep your reporting clean and incredibly accurate. In the meantime, I have reached out to the offending domain and am awaiting on a reply. From what it looks like, their website was hacked and they are sending out millions of spammy links. I will update if they respond.
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